PRBRSA Annual Report

February 17, 2021

In the Authority’s 34th year of regional service to the municipalities now is a good time to look back at the accomplishments over the past year as well as the planned achievements on the horizon.

The Authority continues to operate with our mission in mind – the preservation and protection of the Pequannock River Basin while serving our municipalities in the most efficient manner possible.  Last year and into the immediate future, PRBRSA has taken and will continue to take the steps necessary to remain true to our mission.

Today, the Authority’s member towns – Bloomingdale, Butler, Kinnelon and our new Member, Riverdale, enjoy the benefits of a regional sewer system, one capable of providing service defined by the towns themselves.  Growth and development have been measured yet not restrained, all projects approved by local land use boards have been served.  All the while water quality has been measurably improved, the Pequannock River has been restored to provide ecological balance – safe drinking water, trout fishing and recreational opportunities - as tangible by-products.

FY 2020 and the beginning of FY 2021 posed many challenges with the State’s Health Emergency and pandemic restrictions.  Through it all the PRBRSA Commissioners were able to successfully complete their objectives on behalf of the member towns.   

Antiquated pipelines dedicated to the Authority by the Boroughs of Bloomingdale and Butler have been replaced or rehabilitated.  In 2015 through 2020 the Authority completed rehabilitation of the Boonton Avenue Interceptor, lines constructed in the 1930s, to serve the region for decades to come. 

The project initiated in 2017 to replace the lines under and in the vicinity of the NYS&W Railroad in Butler, NJ has been completed with the abandoned sewer line repurposed to host a water main serving the residents of the Borough of Butler.  That line will be dedicated to the Borough in 2021. 

As part of the Authority’s mission to provide our towns with the upmost transparency in our rates and charges as well as to promote a fair and equitable cost distribution, the PRBRSA Board of Commissioners presented to their respective towns, the new method of billing as a means to avoid significant rate fluctuations produced by flow metering.  The 2020 Amended and Restated Service Contract implementing the EDU method of distributing charges was supported and approved by Bloomingdale, Butler, Kinnelon and Riverdale on September 24, 2020 replacing the longstanding 1985 and 1987 Service Contracts. 

In November 2020, the Board welcomed the Borough of Riverdale as a full member municipality with two commissioners on the PRBRSA Board. 

To continue to fulfill its mission the Authority is actively pursuing a number of other initiatives as well:

 Public safety and preserving the environment are two of PRBRSA’s focal points.  The Authority is implementing procedures for maximum efficiency, optimal response time and communication during an emergency.

 Asset Management:  The development of a comprehensive plan consistent with state guidelines is being prepared.

 Pipeline Inspection:  In conjunction with asset management the Authority has developed a multi-year program to continuously assess the condition of its system.  Improvements to the regional system will assure future service reliability by maintaining the value of assets in place which remains the highest priority.

 Renewal & Replacement Program:  To assure that the Authority’s infrastructure is sustained for decades to come, a renewal and replacement program is being prepared to inspect and rehabilitate its infrastructure on a regular basis.  The next project on the horizon under this plan is inspection of the Bloomingdale interceptor along the Pequannock River. 

These programs and more will be developed over the next few years to continue PRBRSA’s mission of cost efficient, environmentally sound and sustainable service to the municipalities.

Respectfully submitted,
Raymond Verdonik, Chairman




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